If you are an owner of a commercial building, considering concierge security Ontario should be your top priority. You must maintain the security and integrity of your commercial building in numerous ways as possible. 
However, if you are burdened with other business responsibilities, it may be challenging to handle the security systems. That is when you should consider hiring concierge security guard services that may include high-security systems to monitor your employees and visitors. 

What is Concierge Security in Ontario?

‘Concierge’ isn’t just another term for a front desk assistant in a hospital or hotel. A concierge is often seen as a stand-in to a high demand business. Concierge security professionals are trained to have a very high-security professional standard. 

They are usually stationed at your building entrance, monitoring all the activities that occur around your building. They make sure that your business and your guests’ needs are met. The main aim and focus of security concierge are managing and maintaining security in your building.

The popularity of concierge services Ontario is still increasing in number within different types of businesses. When you hire a concierge, you can ask them to handle other corporate and office duties such as meeting and greeting your guests during a heavy workload or sickness absence of your staff. 

Also, they can assist in different corporate events and assure that only authorized people enter your building. Besides, one of the other benefits of concierge security is ensuring that your customers receive the best customer service possible.

Indeed, concierge services are useful when it comes to running a high demand business. Aside from maintaining security in your premise, they can also assist you with the back ends of running a business, ensuring everything is running smoothly.

When to Use Concierge Security?

It’s time you considered Concierge Security in Ontario if you have a business or property that needs a high-security service. Although concierge services are usually associated with hotels and hospitals, offices and apartment buildings can also have it. 

Concierge security agents can watch over your occupants’ movement or secure the safety of your property. With that, your apartment or residential property is in good hands in the presence of highly trained and skilled concierge security professionals.

If you are asking when to use concierge security, the answer is simple and basic. Whether you’re looking to expand your existing security systems for your business or property, concierge security is the right solution. They can offer you high security and protection services at all times.

Concierge Security

How Much Does Concierge Security Cost?

On average, the cost of concierge security ranges from CAD25 to CAD35 per hour. However, this price is subject to change due to many factors. These factors include the number of hours, the location and the type of building. 

Concierge security for residential buildings such as estates, independent houses, gated communities, flats and apartments usually charge between CAD30-35 per hour. If the guard is armed, you may expect to pay as much as 50 to 60 CAD per hour.

Why Hire Concierge Security?

After knowing the cost of concierge security, it’s time to look for security services in Ontario that offer it. Hiring a security concierge has a lot of benefits for your building. Besides, it can be one of the best ways to slow down the chances of any security issues within your corporate building.

High Security

If you have a significant number of people who enter and leave your building or property each day, a front-desk concierge can manage a visitors’ log-book. They can also check whether your employees have their passes on them when entering your premises. 

Best of all, they keep an eye for those unwelcome guests that may cause a threat to your business. Other services also include foot patrols, parking lot inspections, and security cameras for monitoring.

Take Responsibility for Other Corporate Tasks

Aside from maintaining security, handling other tasks related to the building is one of the benefits of concierge security. They can verify appointments and redirect callers to your office. 

Although security is their main priority, they can take up some light corporate tasks. They can be the liaison point for contractors, utility suppliers and other company deliveries. 

Employee and Guest Safety

Employee and Guest Safety

Come to think of it; your employees often spend more time in the office than in their homes every week. For that reason, you need to make sure they feel safe when they’re inside the premises. Having a friendly concierge can help them feel secure about their person.

If you have highly sophisticated guests, they can also feel confident about leaving their car in the parking lot, knowing professional concierges are watching it.

You Get Instant Security

Do I need Concierge Security? Having highly trained concierge security in Ontario will ensure the safety of your property, your people and your assets. Besides raising alarms or monitoring the CCTVs, they have the skillset to handle and prevent criminal acts. 

They are the first point of contact when there is suspicious activity inside the premises. Having them means you can leave your premises without worry as you know you will always have someone to look after your property. Typically, they work from the front desk, but they can also be on the guard stations or from their security vehicles to spot suspicious activity or people.

Professional and Well-trained Men

Concierges are professionals trained to the highest standards of security and protection to handle any situation that may arise on your property. Aside from that, there are bodies that make sure that they undergo careful screening to ensure that they are legally allowed to work.

Professional and Well-trained Men


Hiring concierge security Ontario services for your business guarantee your guests receive all the security and protection they need. They are generally courteous and respectful to all, and they are professionals who your employees, visitors, and clients can trust. They are ways willing to help your visitors with queries and concerns. 


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What to Look for in Concierge Security Services?

Before you invest, you need to know the essential things to look for in concierge security services. Here are some of the crucial factors to consider.

Technology and Security Systems

Cameras are the tools that modern security systems have, but traditional CCTV solutions also play an essential role. You can have a security guard keeping his eyes on screens or security personnel who reviews recorded footage. Both of these two options are ideal for preventing crime in real-time. However, one option is not enough.

Therefore, if you are looking for the right concierge security guard services, opt for a company that offers both. A good company combines cameras with the latest in analytics software and highly trained agents. 

You can choose remote concierge services if you can’t afford full-time security staff at the front desk. Hiring trained personnel monitoring your property from afar can also help you improve security.

Complete, Customized Security Solutions

Do I need concierge security services? Yes, every business and property needs security services. Although you may have cameras and security personnel, you should be more precise when it comes to security.  

You can’t handle any daytime or nighttime risks alone. Although there are local police, you cannot be sure of how responsive they are. Due to these reasons, concierge security is the best solution.

Highly Trained Security Agents

A concierge security service provider should maintain a well-screened and well-trained personnel. They should be the kinds of professionals you would hire yourself.

Moreover, these security professionals should be willing to be trained and mould into the kind of security personnel you want to keep on-site.

Record of Success in the Field

Lastly, your concierge security guard services should have a record of success in the field. Their portfolios should include the implementation of work and explicit correlation with clients’ desired outcomes. 

What Concierge Security Services Does NF Security Offer?

Here’s what to expect:

Front desk concierge

Concierge Security Services

Northern Force Security’s professionally trained concierges are focused on visitor management protocols – directing, registering and verifying visitors to improve building security and maintain residents’ safety

Entrance guarding

Northern Force Security’s professional guards are trained to identify potential threats and prevent damages to residents and their assets.

Video surveillance monitoring

Northern Force Security professional guards are trained to operate the most advanced monitoring systems.

Video surveillance monitoring

Organized emergency response

Northern Force Security professional guards are trained to apply evacuation and security protocols. Also, they can guide residents and guests to safety within a short time and with maximum risk reduction.


Security and protection should be the top-most priority of every business. It’s vital to ensure the success of their operations. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that it’s done right and executed professionally. 

So, whether you own a residential property or corporate business, concierge security services in Ontario is one of the best solutions for your security needs. Aside from that, if you run out of office personnel, a concierge agent can also do simple administrative tasks. Although the cost of concierge security is a bit expensive, it is still worth the investment. You can enjoy a lot of benefits that concierge security services can offer. Apart from concierge security, we offer other security services that provide security needs solutions 

If you are looking for concierge security services in Ontario, you visit Northern Force Security. for your business and property. You can contact us at (647) 982-1385 or email us at office@nfsecurity.ca