The security industry has developed various types of jobs that have made it confusing for some clients to determine which type of security personnel they should be getting. Some of the roles of these personnel may overlap, which causes confusion for some clients. However, there are other roles that have been defined to be used only by certain types of security personnel. This is the case between the comparisons being made between concierge security officers and security guards. People should know the similarities and differences between these 2 types of security personnel.

Similarities Between Concierge Security Officers and Security Guards

Before you will be able to see the differences between these 2 types of security personnel, you must first know what makes them the same. They have qualities and roles that may overlap, which need to be defined so that you will be able to draw a line between the similarities and the differences. The following list details some of the similarities between these 2 types:

Both of these types need applicants to acquire Ontario security guard licenses.

o   Since both of these types work as security personnel, their respective applicants are required by the government of Ontario to get the same security guard licenses. However, for these people to become eligible, they must meet or acquire the following prerequisites:

  • The applicants must be 18 years old or higher.
  • They must have documented proof that they are allowed to work in Canada.
  • To avoid getting automatically rejected, the applicants must ensure that they have no criminal records registered under their names.
  • They should have valid WHMIS and Emergency First Aid/CPR certifications.
  • They must finish their basic training courses for security guards from authorized schools.
  • They will need to pass the licensure exam for security guards.

They are both required to welcome visitors and employees into the building.

o   This is a role that most types of security personnel are required to do. By giving pleasantries to those who enter the building, they are able to set a happy mode for everyone around them. This is a crucial part of both their jobs as it will make visitors feel comfortable when they are within the company’s premises.

Both jobs require the personnel to check the visitors and their belongings as they enter the building.

o   While security guards that are detailed at the entrance of the building are required to check the visitors and their belongings, concierge security officers may also do their own checking of the visitor’s personal belongings. However, concierge security officers must be able to apply measures that would prevent visitors from getting angry due to the strict check-up process.

These 2 types of security personnel are required to handle disturbances properly and in an orderly manner.

o   As security personnel, they are both trained to handle different types of disturbances that may happen within the company premises. They must catch, disarm, and detain perpetrators. In addition, they have the capability to contact the police department and turn the perpetrators to them.

They must be ready to check the surveillance system of the company at any given time.

o   There may be cases wherein there is a need for a review of the security footage to solve certain issues that happened within the company grounds. Both types of security personnel are required to be technically capable of navigating through the footage and forwarding relevant information to the management.

Security Guards

What Makes Concierge Security Officers Different From Security Guards?

Based on some of the roles mentioned above, it may seem that both types are required to do the same roles. However, concierge security officers have a wider scope of work. Below are some of the roles that they need to do which may not be required from security guards:

A single concierge security officer must be able to do some of the roles assigned to security guards all at once.

o   Security guards are assigned to do specific tasks based on where they are situated. Their roles may be limited to where they are positioned. Let us say that there are 2 security guards that are assigned at the main entrance of the building. One of the guards is assigned to open the door and greet the people who enter the building. The other guard is assigned to checking the people and their belongings. A single concierge security officer would also greet the people entering the building while scanning the surroundings of any suspicious movements and also keeping an eye on any security footage available. Multi-tasking skills that concierge security officers have may not be needed by security guards.

Concierge security officers are required to enforce the Trespass to Property Act, while security guards may warn people who trespass the building and forward the issue to their security supervisors.

o   This is another difference that concierge security officers are tasked to do. If they see the need to enforce a decision on preventing certain people from entering the building, they are given the authority to do so. There are companies that hire a team of security guards to handle at the main entrance of the building and also have a concierge security officer handling guests at the front desk. When the security guards are faced with people who are trying to enter the building without any authorization, then the security guards can turn over the issue to the concierge security officer. The officer must be able to handle these irate individuals peacefully while making a firm decision. These officers must be able to keep their emotions in check to avoid worsening the situation.

Concierge security officers must be able to keep track of all the movements that are happening inside the premises while taking care of guests and visitors.

o   In addition to the multi-tasking skills needed by concierge security officers, they must also have excellent skills in organizing how they do things. With a myriad of things that are happening in the background while in the process of talking to visitors, they need to find ways to keep track of everything. Some experienced concierge security officers are known to entertain guests while keeping an eye on the security footage and do some data entry all at the same time.

Concierge Security Officers Are Not The Same As Security Guards

Security guards and concierge security officers may have overlapping roles in their job descriptions, but the application of their tasks is different. A concierge security officer may need to do some of the roles that multiple security guards are assigned to do all at the same time. Concierge security officers are assigned to give support to the guests and visitors. However, they are also tasked to provide the company an additional level of protection. If you are interested in hiring the services of a concierge security officer, you may contact Northern Force Security at (647) 982-1385.