There are different types of personnel within the security industry. Each type has its own set of roles and requirements. Security agencies are known to hire people that would fit the qualities needed by each specific personnel type. Security agencies partner with different individuals and businesses by deploying their security personnel to these clients. One of the types of security personnel that is gaining popularity is concierge security. For those who aspire to work as security personnel for reputable security agencies, you should get to know all about concierge security.

What Is Concierge Security?

Concierge security is also known as front desk security. A concierge security officer can be seen keeping a close watch on people who are entering and leaving an establishment while in the process of entertaining guests. This type of security personnel is normally found working for hotels, apartment buildings, corporate buildings, resorts, and hospitals. Unlike regular security guards, the roles of concierge security officers may vary depending on the type of business they are hired to protect. These officers are also known for showing hospitality to visitors. They act as hosts while also ensuring the safety of property, guests, and the employees of the company.

How To Become A Concierge Security Officer In Ontario

For those people who are aspiring to work as concierge security officers, you must know the qualifications that are required by security agencies. You have to remember that you will become the face of both the security agency and the company that has acquired your services. This means everything you do at your job will reflect on both companies. Any mistakes and lapses that you make can negatively affect the reputation of both companies. Security agencies have strict qualifications in hiring people to join their security teams. You may refer to the details below for these qualification requirements:

Concierge Security Officer In Ontario

  •       Aspiring concierge security officers must have valid Ontario security licenses.

o   There is a law in Ontario that people who wish to work as security personnel within the province must first get their security guard licenses. However, this license is not available for everyone that is currently residing within the province. There are certain prerequisites that they must accomplish before they are allowed to even take the final licensing exam. Below are the following prerequisites:

  • Anyone below 18 years old is not allowed to get a security guard license.
  • Aspiring security guards should never have any criminal record registered under their names. Those people with criminal records are not allowed to proceed with their applications.
  • Applicants must have valid Emergency First Aid/CPR and WHMIS certificates.
  • They must show proof that they are legally allowed to work in Canada.
  • They are required to finish the basic training course for security guards.
  • They should also pass the licensure exam to become eligible to work as security guards in the province.
  •       Concierge security officers should be technically capable of using basic computer programs.

o   Since data entry is an important task for this type of security personnel, concierge security officers need to be proficient in using a computer. They may need to use certain applications that may be developed by the security agency. They should also be familiar with using basic office-related programs. In addition, since they need to be able to access surveillance systems, they should be capable enough to navigate through different types of computer software.

  •       Concierge security officers should have pleasing personalities.

o   This is an important quality needed for this line of job. Customer service skills are necessary since these officers will need to interact with both visitors and company employees. They must always be approachable and helpful to those people around them. Hospitality is a key component of a person that acts as a host for the company. These officers must try their best to ensure that visitors are kept happy.

  •       Those aspiring to be concierge security officers must have a high level of organization skills.

o   A normal day at work for these people is to keep track of all the movement that is happening within the building. They may need to do multiple tasks at the same time. Experienced concierge security officers can speak to guests while performing data entry tasks and keeping an eye on the security footage all at the same time. Making a mistake in any of these tasks may be crucial for breaches from happening or having guests get angry if they feel that they have been neglected by the officer.

  •       It is imperative that concierge security officers are able to communicate well with everyone.

o   Guests usually inquire with front desk personnel. Seeing that this is one of the roles of concierge security officers, they should be able to understand the questions and give the correct information to the customers. If there are vague questions made by the guests, then they should be able to ask for pardon properly and respectfully ask follow-up questions to the guests. They need to do this while still being aware of what is happening within their surroundings.

  •       These officers need to be able to keep their emotions in check while they juggle between working as front desk personnel and as security officers.

o   Even though there may be static or mobile security guards deployed in the same company, concierge security officers must not forget that they also have tasks as security personnel. They should not be affected by stress and panic when there is something happening within the premises. If there are no other security personnel available, then they must effectively act on the security issue at hand. By staying calm under stress, they should handle situations properly, and they must not forget to deal with them within their scope of work. If they catch and detain perpetrators, they should not use excessive force and turn them over to the police at the soonest possible time.

Concierge Security Officers Must Have Excellent Front Desk And Security Skills

This job entails that the officer must multitask at all times. With proper training and preparation, one can become an effective concierge security officer. It is important to note that it is one of the hardest jobs to get into. However, being hired to become one means that you have exceptional skills in both customer service and security. If you are interested in becoming a member of our security team, then you may contact Northern Force Security at (647) 982-1385.