How to Be a Concierge in Toronto?  

There are different types of personnel within the security industry. Each type has its own set of roles and requirements. Security agencies are known to hire people that would fit the qualities needed by each specific personnel type. Security agencies partner with different individuals and businesses by deploying their security personnel to these clients. One [...]

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Is a Concierge Same as a Security Guard? 

The security industry has developed various types of jobs that have made it confusing for some clients to determine which type of security personnel they should be getting. Some of the roles of these personnel may overlap, which causes confusion for some clients. However, there are other roles that have been defined to be used [...]

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Concierge Security: Roles, Benefits, Cost

If you are an owner of a commercial building, considering concierge security Ontario should be your top priority. You must maintain the security and integrity of your commercial building in numerous ways as possible.  However, if you are burdened with other business responsibilities, it may be challenging to handle the security systems. That is when [...]

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How much does Concierge Security Cost in Toronto?

The term "front-desk" and "concierge" is popularly associated with the hospitality and medicine industry. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear these words are either hotels, restaurants or your doctor's office. However, in actual reality, both business buildings and apartment buildings make use of the concierge/front desk services. Concierge security professionals are [...]

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