Bodyguards seem very high-end. It used to be that their services could only be utilized by the crème de la crème of the society from movie stars, politicians, CEOs to the famous controversial lawyers. Well, allow us the honours of breaking it to you. Such a stereotype isn’t necessarily the norm anymore. The privileged of hiring the services of a bodyguard is not restricted just to the rich and powerful.

With the perilous state of the society as we have today, different individuals from different economic classes and backgrounds in Toronto are hiring the services of personal security guards. We all find ourselves in situations where we feel we need security. Really, nothing can be compared to that feeling of completely safe and secure.

So, whether you have access to highly classified information, need an escort to an important event/classy restaurant, or probably just going through a rough divorce, you can make use of a VIP protection service. It is a common misconception that VIP protection costs a ton however, you will be surprised to know you can hire VIP protection on a budget. This article contains information on the cost of hiring a bodyguard in Toronto.


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What is a VIP Protection?

This is popularly known as executive protection. It is simply safety measures taken by very important personnel and individuals to keep them away from risks and protect them in dangerous situations. The goal of the employed bodyguard is to keep his/her clients safe. People who make use of VIP services are usually exposed to high risks due to the nature of their job, their status or location.

 Nevertheless, as we have established already, you don’t necessarily have to belong to the “VIP” category before employing the services of a VIP protection agent. If you can pay for it, you are a VIP. You may feel threatened by your geographic or simply need a chauffeur to a high-end event. VIP protection is executive protection for people who feel like they need it. 

There are different forms of protective measures taken to ensure optimum security. Your safety and the safety of your close family members are the main focus of your bodyguard. VIP protection professionals can also be highly trained drivers. They know the cities in Canada like the back of their hands. Not to mention, they are martial arts and self-defence experts.

Hiring a personal security guard is the best way to achieve first-hand safety in Canada. If you live in Toronto or any other state in Canada, you can make use of a VIP protection service. These security professionals are licensed to operate in any of the cities and provinces in Canada.


Why do I need VIP Protection in Toronto?

Personal security may be considered a luxury only the privileged can acquire, but generally speaking, safety is more of a necessity. There are various reasons why you might feel the need to hire VIP protection professionals.  For the sake of brevity; we will only look at two important reasons why you should consider hiring one.

Increased Productivity

Hiring VIP protection will lessen the time you spend dreaming up ways to ensure your safety and the safety of your family and assets. More of your time will be directed towards important aspects of your life, such as your business, self-care, family, and so on. 

It Reduces Anxiety

With the sporadic increase in crime rates over the years, it is possible to be anxious about your personal safety. Irrespective of your occupational hazards, you can rest assured of safety under the watch of a professional VIP protection agent.


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Cost Of Hiring VIP Protection in Toronto

The amount you will spend on VIP protection in Toronto varies. Certain factors determine how much you can spend on personal security. Your geographical location is a major factor to consider. For example, if you live in Montreal or Vancouver,  the price of personal security is much higher than the suburbs such as Rockville and Bedrock Park in Toronto.

VIP protection experts in major cities like Vancouver or Edmonton charge up to 70 CAD per hour (840 CAD for a 12 hour day), while counterparts in Oakwood village charge 26 CAD per hour. Now that you have an overview of the pricing due to location, let’s take a look at other factors that can affect the cost of  VIP protection.

Threat Level

Threat level greatly has an impact on the cost of VIP protection. For celebrities and politicians in Toronto, their threat level is high. Threats range from cyberstalkers to death threats via the internet down to handwritten letters from angry fans or rivals. They need 24 hours, 7 days of protection a week from these threats. 

The cost of VIP protection will definitely be higher than someone looking for some casual protection for just a few hours or days. If you are currently going through a rough separation, you may need to consider all-around VIP protection rather than opting for some low-level protection.

Number of Hours

When you visit your local security agencies, you will be presented with different protection packages. Typically, you pay per time. The sum total of hours of service rendered determines the cost of VIP protection. 

Some VIP protection experts like to charge per hour, especially if it’s a short-term job. Others charge per day. In Toronto, the cost for the “per-hour” contract ranges from 30-80 CAD. On the other hand, the price can go as high as 1000 CAD per day.


If you travel a lot, you should know that the cost of your VIP protection will be on the high side. In addition to the set price for each day, you may have to take care of items like flight tickets, hotel rooms and feeding. 

Therefore, if you will need a bodyguard to travel to different countries throughout the year, you need to put these into perspective. A rough estimate of all-year-round VIP protection amounts to almost 100,000 CAD per year. 


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Type of Security 

In Toronto, there are different levels of VIP protection. From unarmed drivers to armed event securities, there are different levels of security that suit every occasion. Here are a few types:

Event Security

Event security guards are best for monitoring your events. With charges as low as 60 Canadian dollars, you can be sure of the safety of the attendees at your event. Once you have security guards for your event, they make it an utmost responsibility to visit the venue before the set date of your event and familiarize with the surrounding.

They patrol your event grounds, neighbouring streets and buildings, paying attention to any and every detail. At your event, they monitor every activity with a perceiving eye. They are usually paid per hour, depending on how long your event will last. The event security guard usually follows a chain of command. There is also a supervisor that supersedes each operation at your event.

Depending on your vision for your event, security guards may work hand in hand with the local police. Some of their duties and responsibilities I include:

  • Maintaining order at your event
  • Monitor your event
  • Escort VIPs to and from the event venue
  • Make regular reports
  • Suppress disturbances

Event security guards are very sharp individuals with the ability to work excellent well under pressure. They have experience with military/law enforcement and have an authoritative presence. They are also highly skilled in administering first aid in case the need arises at your event.

Armed Driver in Toronto

Hiring armed drivers is a common occurrence in Toronto. With charges close to 700 CAD per day, they guarantee your safety while on the move. They are usually equipped with defensive and evasive driving skills. 

Before any trip, an armed driver will carry out thorough security procedures such as checking the condition of your car and making sure it is in good condition. Comprehensive research is also done on the routes and the locations you will be going to via security surveillance. 

The number of drivers and cars you will need depends on the level of threats you are exposed to and the safety condition of the environment you will be going to. Armed drivers typically carry a handgun that can be easily tucked into their jackets.

Unarmed Driver

Residents in Toronto that are not comfortable around guns can hire an unarmed driver. Although they do not carry any weapon, they are highly skilled in martial arts and self-defence. 

They usually possess keen observation and planning skills. This should not come as a surprise because most of them once belonged to the military or police agencies. Some are ex-government investigators.  

They can analyze and plan your movements as meticulously as possible. If an emergency situation arises, they are trained to have a proactive response and take control of the situation. They follow thorough procedures to ensure effective car management and safe transportation. They can either use your car or provide car services at an extra 95 CAD per hour.

Unarmed Personal Security Agent in Toronto

They charge up to 600-800 CAD per day. They are usually former government intelligence agents. An unarmed personal security agent is always with you everywhere you go. They are trained to protect, and they patrol all surrounding areas to make sure of that. 

They also practice effective scheduling, so they usually have an itinerary of your day beforehand. They are trained to be aware of incidents that are likely to occur in your day and are equipped with appropriate preventive measures.  They may or may not be in uniforms.

Armed Personal Security Agent. 

Their price may shoot up to about 800 to 1000 CAD per day. Unlike unarmed personal security agents, they carry weapons with them everywhere they go. To get the most out of their services, it is best to employ at least two armed personal security agents. They are most likely to be wearing uniforms.

In the event of an international trip, you are expected to foot the bill for their transportation and feeding. Nevertheless, they are trained to always remain vigilant and protect you from all kinds of threats throughout your trip.

Full-Time Body Guard in Toronto

This type of VIP protection costs between 1200-1700 CAD per day. They provide round the clock personal security for you and your family. This type of VIP protection requires that your guards are always with you.


You may have to provide some form of accommodation for them. Since it’s 24-hour surveillance, it is divided into an eight-hour shift that is run by three guards. Their roles include patrolling through your building, screening cars and persons entering your premises and reporting any suspicious persons or activity going on in your home.

Top-Level Security Detail

This is a special type of VIP protection associated with royalties and A-listers ruling the business, political and entertainment industries. They charge around the same price as full-time bodyguards. These security agents consist of both former and current special intelligence agents who go through rigorous training from time to time.

When you hire top-level security, do not expect a one-person or two-person team. Their security detail is usually made up of 6-10 people. Each person on the team is paid about 160-200 CAD per hour, depending on the agency they work for.


They are the highest-paid type of VIP protection. They cost about 1600-1700 CAD per day. These guards are usually heavily armed professional soldiers. Their main goal is to provide protection to whomever they’ve been contracted to. 

The type of security provided by these guys is high-end and very defensive. Do proper research before employing these guys. They employ a very brutal and efficient approach to defending you.

Security Dogs in Toronto

If you are uncomfortable with being followed around, you could opt for a different form of personal security in dogs. Germain shepherds and Rottweillers are popular security dogs. These dogs are trained solely for the purpose of protection and will attack any intruder once given the command.

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Not all of the security outfits listed above will suit you or your situation. Find the one that best speaks to you and your budget. Vip protection agents have excellent skills that cut across communication, martial arts and self-defense and route planning abilities. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will be safe under their watch. We offer top-notch protection services in Toronto. Contact us today and kick your safety up a notch

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