When planning an event, does hiring a security service occupy the top places of your to-do list? If no is your answer, you are not alone. Many event organizers relegate hiring a security service to the bottom of their lists, while others leave it out of their thoughts entirely.

However, hiring a security service for your event is as important as getting a suitable event venue. But why is hiring security services for events so important? Here we thought we’d take a closer look at some key reasons. Read on to find out more!

Benefits of Hiring a Security Service for Events

Some of the main reasons you should hire a security service for your events are:

  • Security officers help prevent crime
  • Security presence makes people at events feel safer
  • Security presence adds to your professionalism
  • Event security helps with crowd management and control
  • Security offices have training in responding to emergencies

Let’s look at these reasons in a little more detail.

1. Security Officers Help Prevent Crime

Whether your event is a large concert or a small business conference, having security helps prevent crime. Security presence at an event helps prevent crime in two ways, deterring criminals and neutralizing threats.

Deterring Criminals – Security personnel are very good visual deterrents to criminal and anti-social activities. People who know they are being watched are less likely to engage in unlawful activities.

The reason is simple. No one with criminal or anti-social intent will want to be caught perpetrating the crime. The presence of security personnel at an event tells people that the place is under watch and hugely increases the risk for any would-be criminal.

Neutralizing Threats – Security personnel at an event are the first point of call if there is trouble. When someone is causing trouble, committing a crime, or otherwise ruining the event, security officers can swiftly come in and deal with the issue.

2. Security Presence Makes People at Events Feel Safer

Knowing that security officers deter crime, event attendees/guests feel safer when there is security at an event.

People who come to your event want to enjoy themselves without worrying about their safety and their property. For example, no one will want to attend an event where they have to occasionally scan the audience for threats to their safety.

Also, no one will want to attend an event where they have to occasionally check the parking lot to ensure that their car is safe.

Security provides a safe and danger-free environment so that people can have fun and enjoy themselves without fear. The presence of security officers at an event gives guests peace of mind.

events feel safer

3. Security Presence Adds to Your Professionalism

One of the best ways to show professionalism is by having security officers at your event. Professionalism is more than what you have to offer. It encompasses the way you carry yourself. How you appear as a business or event can send different messages to people.

To send the right messages to your event attendees, you should make a positive first impression. Having security officers helps you impress, as it shows that you care about your guests.

Security officers are the first point of contact for your event. Security agents standing at entrance doors can also welcome guests as they come in. This creates a good first impression, as it makes guests feel appreciated.

4. Event Security Helps with Crowd Management and Control

Without proper control, any gathering of large crowds can degenerate into chaos. So, when organizing an event, you need to provide crowd management to ensure a safe environment.

Security officers can help control the crowd at any event. They can stand at entrances and exits to guide people as they enter or leave the event venue. They can help ensure that people queue up properly for orderly and peaceful entry and exit.

The security agents can also help with access controls. They can check guest lists and check/scan tickets. If there is an issue, the security personnel will help to control the crowd and prevent any panic.

5. Security Officers Have Training in Responding to Emergencies

You cannot tell when there will be emergencies. However, you’ll want to be prepared to handle any serious and dangerous situation that needs immediate action.

Security officers have specialized training in responding to emergencies. For example, in a fire, your regular staff may panic and be unsure of what to do.

However, trained security officers will know what to do to help the situation, and will act faster. They’ll be able to evacuate buildings better than your regular staff.

Also, contractual event security providers give their operatives first aid training. Most trained officers would be able to perform CPR and operate an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator).

So, if there’s a medical emergency, a security officer can provide effective first aid before the EMTs arrive. Having trained security officers at your event could be the difference between life and death in emergency situations.

trained security officers

Final Thoughts

Having security at your event will make everyone feel secure and safe. If your event goes smoothly, then you may wonder if security was ever needed at all.

But you never know if potential criminals or troublemakers were deterred. And even if your event doesn’t have an issue, the presence of a security service will make your guests feel valued and safe.

However, if anything bad does happen, you’ll be thankful that security was there to deal with the issue. With all these factors, hiring a security service for your event is not a nicety, it is a necessity.