In Toronto today, event security is arguably more crucial than ever. With the level of terror threat at an extreme, ensuring the safety of your guests should be your top priority. In this article, we’ll explain to you the reasons why you need security for your events in Toronto.

From your corporate events and concerts, to tradeshows and gigs, it’s essential that you put reasonable security in place. With excellent event security on standby, your guests and attendees are safe, and your mind will be at peace. Having a good security plan ahead of your event is ideal, and it can also help you reduce event venue insurance costs.

However, as relevant as security is, most organizers find it difficult to spend enough on this particular aspect of event planning. Most event organizers will instead spend a miserly 13 percent of their total budget on security and more on insurance costs. On the other hand, it’s easy to reduce the insurance cost of the event with a sufficient event security plan.

Nowadays, criminals in Toronto often target both private events and public events. Also, these events can be a perfect scene for thefts, violence, and other security issues. Auction events, concerts, and so on are typical examples of such events. However, with the appropriate security at your event, you can relax knowing your programme will go without a hitch.

Typically, every venue for events in Toronto requires the booking of security in cooperation with the proper authorities. Nevertheless, the primary security needs for your Toronto events will vary depending on the type, expected attendance, and the venue capacity. All of this, including the level of security you wish to maintain, will determine your event security cost.


Why you need security for your Toronto events

To achieve a successful event, providing excellent event security is essential. It’ll help you to prevent any form of disruption or violence that may disturb your guests, event purpose, or threaten safety. Hiring professional event security will allow you to pay attention to the event’s details and finer talking points.

If you’re planning or coordinating an event, be it small or large, ensure you do not overlook any single detail. One of your priorities is the safety of your guests. Also, never underestimate the importance of private event security – as they are instrumental in event planning.

Furthermore, security threats can come in different channels ranging from violent actions to minor disturbances. Therefore, you should not ignore the need for adequate security, especially when your event will cater to hundreds and thousands of people.

Below are a few reasons why you need security for your events

Provision of a higher sense of security for guests

Having standard event security shows your guests that you value yours and their safety in both actions and thoughts. Having witnessed many events with safety problems, providing appropriate security measures will make your guest feel more at ease.

It’ll also offer some assurance that there will be help and direction in case of an emergency. All in all, itt frees your guests to enjoy your events.

Adhering strictly to the guestlist

Event security officers will always comply strictly with the guest list provided by you without any irregularities. They will go through your guest list, keep an up-to-date record of attendees, screen guests on arrival, and prevent uninvited guests.

Although, the presence of random “gatekeepers” in uniform will prevent unwanted guests from gaining entry, what about nuisances? This is one of the reasons why you need security guards for your Toronto events.

Event security is always there to address the presence of nuisances in your events without creating scenes. Event security officers will also watch out for signs of weapons or suspicious items to protect other guests.

Address security issues when they happen

In case something goes wrong, professional event security will always be there to resolve problems and restore peace. Be it a crime committed, a verbal dispute between guests, event security will address the situation with immediate effect.

However, without the presence of security officers at your events, you’ll have to handle minor situations on your own. Or you may have to wait for law enforcement officers to arrive to control the situation. Both scenarios are not ideal.

Event security officers are trained to handle different kinds of situations and will act swiftly to ensure your guests are safe.

High profile guest security.

If you’re planning to invite high-profile guests and celebrities to your Toronto event, hiring security guards is a must. Generally, high-profile guests are more susceptible to safety and security threats. Therefore, their protection is your sole responsibility.

Security guards at entry and exit points can always stop unwanted or armed people from entering the premises. Also, assigning a security guard for the personal safety of some guests will ensure nobody comes close to such guests.

All-round crowd control throughout the event

Event security is also responsible for sustaining a peaceful crowd and guest control throughout the event duration. By assigning this responsibility to a professional security guard, you’ll be able to focus on other details concerning your event.

Security officers understand the most effective strategies to ensure the safety of the attendees during emergencies and address issues with guests. Best of all, they are well trained to handle crowds and a larger number of people.

Strictly following the venue requirements

Virtually all venues in Toronto have provisions and conditions that must be followed to protect their property during your event. Some may require that you have professional event security present at your event as part of their safety precautions.

Having Toronto event security specialists on hand is an excellent way to ensure that all venue rules and regulations are followed.

Provision of specialized services for your guests

Security officers can also provide your guests with a higher level of security and service. This is a big part of why you need to hire a security guard for your event.

Security officers also offer escort services for guests to ensure safety in case the event lasts till late at night. In case of medical emergencies, security officers will swiftly take charge of the situation by contacting emergency medical care centres without panicking.

Preventing a potential crime from happening

Wondering why you need security for your Toronto events? Just as the presence of a security officer can stop unwanted guests from attempting to enter, it can also work to stop the occurrence of crimes.

Professional security officers are always active and even patrol the event watching for signs of criminal behaviour. Also, they have experience in steps to take to prevent any unlawful activities from taking place.

Preventing unwanted media entry

Event security tip – always control the media. When you organize large-scale events, with the potential appearance of many celebrities; paparazzi, press, and media will still want to attend.

Even if they have no invites, they will try to get inside the venue to cover the event. Handling such uninvited and troublesome media persons can be tricky as they may even cause negative publicity for your event.

In such scenarios, security guards will always come in swiftly to rescue you. They will take care of such cases, and also prevent press and media entry in the best way possible. Do you want to control the press at your event? Then, hire a security guard for your event.


Types of Event Security

There are various types of event security available in Toronto. However, knowing which one suits your event is essential. So, here are a few types of event security:

  • Crowd control within the event and throughout the event.
  • Mobile patrol to manage traffic, parking and monitor activities outside the event.
  • Executive protection for specialized private security.
  • Armed guards for events with a higher threat index.
  • Gate security positioned at exits and entrances.


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How many security guards do I need for my event?

How many security guards do you need for a successful event? Do more security guards mean more money? Most event security agencies charge based on the total number of security guards you need for your event. The answer to this question is based on the size of your event or party – large scale or small scale.

The number of security guards you need for crowd control depends on the number of attendees and your venue size. Having at least one (1) guard per 25-50 people at your event is a universal rule to meet your needs. This rule can help you plan, budget and execute your budget if you are looking to hire a security guard for your event in Toronto.

However, smaller events do not necessarily mean less security personnel. Low to medium-scale events with an open venue over a wide area might require numerous security guards. This is to maintain and control entry and exit in various spots. Another event security tip is to know that events in a larger space with many entrances require multiple security guards.

For crowd management at bigger events, you’ll require significant security at the event. No matter the venue size, there’s always a potential risk that a large crowd can get out of control. Also, you can easily run into legal complications for having less sufficient security, especially if someone becomes injured.


Security Guard vs. Event Crowd Ratio

If you are looking to hire a security guard for your Toronto event, the information below will help you. 

Above 800 people

In any event with more than 800 attendees, the help of a significant amount of security at the event will be crucial.So, how many security guards would be enough for such a big event? 

Event security officers of not less than 20 should be perfect for a successful event. To keep an eye on all attendees in the event, you will need around 20-30 security guards present.

800 to 300 people

Your event will most likely have problems. Naturally, you won’t be able to manage such a massive crowd with a team of 8-10 staff members. Not to worry, a team of 15-20 security guards can handle things effectively.

300 to 50 people

You’ll have to ensure crowd safety and also be responsible for the protection of their vehicles in the parking area. Therefore, the number of security guards you’ll need at such an event will be over 4. Typically, you’ll need about 4-8 security officers to ensure complete event security.

50 to 25 people

Generally, it may be difficult for you to manage an event with a crowd of over 50 people. You are expected to hire the service of at least two (2) guards to keep a close watch on the event.

Less than 25 people

You will need only one (1) security guard at most. Your event could also do without having any security guard. However, to ensure complete safety, hire a guard who is an expert in Toronto special event security.


General event security tips

For every successful event, understanding the basic event security tip is highly essential. So, for you to have a great and violence-free event, here are a few useful general event security tips:

Choose a suitable venue

When choosing the venue for your event, you must keep security in check. An appropriate site will have emergency strategies in place – including evacuation plans, emergency exits, paramedics and first aid access. Also, if the venue is providing staff, ensure they are well trained to respond to urgent security situations.

Always brief your team

Always make sure to brief your team on every little detail before the commencement of your event. Ensure they are all aware of their different roles in your event security plan.

Also, all team members must understand the emergency response protocols and evacuation plans that are in place. Team members should also know the total capacity of the venue and the total number of expected attendees.

Ensure to screen guests and staff

Making sure to verify the identity of everyone who enters your event is vital. Failure to do this may lead to confusion involving tickets and may also lead to uninvited guests. This is one reason why you need event security.

Develop a thorough list of everyone who will attend your event – including staff members. If you’re allowing walk-ins, create a process that verifies people quickly and efficiently. If you’re handing out name tags, inform guests that they should wear them at all times.


To sum it up

In conclusion, there is no replacement for physical security. As an event planner, host or hostess, event security is essential to safeguard all your guests. It’s also crucial to provide physical protection wherever and whenever you’re hosting or coordinating your event. These and more are the reasons why you need security for your events. Contact us to hire security in Toronto.