Are you looking to organize a big event? If so, one thing you can’t overlook is the importance of great security. Not only will it stop any threats, but it will act as a powerful deterrent while also giving reassurance to your attendees.

While security is essential, it’s important to get the right type for your event. Do you need guards checking tickets? Are there VIPs that need bodyguards? Or perhaps you need armed guards to protect against a terrorist threat.

Here we’ll look at all the different types, so you know which ones are right for you.

6 Types of Event Security

General Guard

Event security is increasingly important in the modern world. With the right general guards in place, events can be the safe and secure environments they are intended to be.

The presence of trained professionals helps to ensure that guests and valuables stay safe and that disruptions or illegal activities are quickly dealt with. General guards are an invaluable part of event security since they often serve as the primary point of contact between event staff and its guests.

Not only do they help with preventing trouble in the first place, but they also have extensive skills in de-escalating tense or dangerous situations so that even if there is any attempt at disruption, it immediately shuts down before it goes any further.

Without proper general guards on duty, any large-scale event would be at risk for a variety of security breaches. General guards are the jack of all trades who are able to ensure that your event runs smoothly.


Gatekeeper guards are an important component of event security. They act as the first line of defence in ensuring safety and order at events. They also have to be sociable and polite as they are placed at the entry and exits of your event.

By identifying potential threats and incident risks ahead of time, they ensure the safety of attendees and personnel before potential incidents even occur. Gatekeeper guards are often the first to spot any trouble as they guard the entrance points.

Gatekeeper guards can be highly trained law enforcement personnel or well-trained security staff, but for your event, it will most likely be the latter. Gatekeeper guards not only provide peace of mind that an event will proceed smoothly but also help put guests at ease and make them feel comfortable.


Crowd Control

Crowd control guards help to ensure safety and order by monitoring event attendees for any suspicious or disruptive behaviour. They are typically chosen for their skills and experience with large crowds.

By maintaining order, preventing potential issues before they arise, and providing assistance where necessary, crowd control guards make an invaluable contribution to ensuring events run smoothly and safely with no disruption.

The impact they can have on the success of an event cannot be overstated, which is why it is paramount that only the highest quality personnel is employed.

The larger the event, the more important they are. Large crowds can quickly get out of control and become dangerous. Crowd control guards are constantly on alert to ensure that any danger is quickly dealt with by maneuvering the crowd safely and preventing overcrowding.

Armed Guards

No one wants to need armed guards at their event, but in the worst-case scenario, there’s no one you’d rather be there.

They are highly-trained security personnel who are equipped with a weapon and the knowledge required to respond to danger in an efficient manner. Armed guards provide a visible deterrent, and their presence serves as protection against severe criminal acts.

Terrorism is the obvious reason why it would be great to have armed guards, but it goes much further than that. If you have high-value assets, then the presence of armed guards is enough for any would-be criminal to think twice before targeting your event.

This layer of protection is especially critical for large events that hundreds or thousands of people attend, such as concerts and sporting matches. But they can also be needed for smaller events that can be vulnerable due to them being high-risk targets.

As you can imagine, armed guards go through a higher level of training and certification than regular guards. With them, you can expect an impeccable level of professionalism.

armed guards

Mobile Patrol

As a reliable, cost-effective solution for keeping an eye on certain areas, these skilled professionals conduct routine checks and monitor the perimeter of venues to ensure the safety of attendees, staff, and property.

In addition to providing a visible presence and deterring potential threats, mobile patrol guards routinely inspect doors and windows for any signs of tampering.

They also watch out for suspicious activity, report any issues quickly to security personnel, and take immediate steps if they identify dangerous people or behaviour. By utilizing mobile patrol guards with their specialized training and expertise, event organizers can rest assured that their events will be safe from harm.

These types of guards are perfect for larger venues or events that are sprawled out over a large area. They can also be ideal if you have an event where there is a switching of venue, such as a wedding with VIPs in attendance.


Bodyguards are those who have been specially trained to provide close protection for a particular individual, organization, or VIPs. They generally possess skills in a variety of defensive tactics, such as self-defence and crowd control, and have experience in the areas of threat assessment and emergency response.

Bodyguards come into their own at events, where they can keep order and provide an extra layer of security. They can also be important assets when it comes to crowd control at large gatherings, preventing potentially dangerous situations from arising due to overcrowding, over-enthusiastic fans, or malicious individuals.

While bodyguard services on their own can’t guarantee the safety of an event, having them around serves as an effective deterrent against possible troublemakers.

bodyguard event

Final Thoughts

With event security, you want all bases covered. It’s best to have specialists in each area to make your security as tight and formidable as possible. It’s a great idea to use a combination of these types to ensure that your event goes ahead without any problems.