Are you sure you’ve got everything under control concerning your cannabis business? There are so many questions popping up in the cannabis industry right now. One issue that seems prevalent in the industry is the issue of possible crimes. Do you have an answer to this trending issue?

Once you employ the use of the right security, you can be sure that your business would be as safe as a pharmacy store. However, a cannabis dispensary business is not just any type of business. Hence, there is a higher level of security required. That is if you truly look to keep your business as safe as it can get. 

This article contains information on how to keep your Toronto cannabis dispensary business safe. Keep reading to learn how to safeguard your assets.


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Threats your business needs to stay away from

There are many threats to the cannabis business. To ensure that profit is maximized, you need to steer clear of these threats. Some of these threats include:

Physical thieves

This is one risk that your business faces, as one that makes use of cash right there in the store. The fact that money is being traded easily in your dispensary makes it an attractive place to visit for thieves.

There is every possibility that your business may be robbed at gunpoint. As a business, to keep afloat and not run at a loss, there is an immense need for you to hire security teams that would man your gates through the workday and all night. The next section of this article contains tips that can help you counteract the threat of physical thieves.

Employee diversion

This is one of the most significant risks you may face as a cannabis business owner. Once your employees are not trustworthy and loyal, you are at risk of losing significantly. Sometimes, this loss can even be worse than those wrought by thieves. You need to take extra effort in ensuring that you get the best staff who will treat your business like theirs.

According to experts in the industry, thefts by employees make up about 90% of the total recorded thefts in the cannabis dispensary business. This is one of the most significant risks you should try to avoid. You have to afford your employees a certain level of trust. Unfortunately, this may be misused leading to the misappropriation of your cannabis products and even your cash. 


Once a business stores customer information online, it becomes prone to attacks from hackers. By storing this information on a particular or network, it is easy for hackers to have their way, especially if your security system is not as advanced. Customer information can be used to commit criminal activities. In fact, hackers can fine-tune your cash flow numbers to suit their nefarious desires.

There are different threats that cannabis businesses face daily; this is coupled with the scrutiny by law enforcement agencies. Hence, if you want your Toronto business to be successful, you need to invest in adequate security measures.


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Security tips for your Toronto cannabis store

There are so many factors to be considered when it comes to securing your employees, products, and money. All these need to be well taken care of if your cannabis dispensary is going to maintain a profit. Here are some tips to help make sure that your business is protected.

Identify the risks

The very first risk that a business is exposed to is employee theft. As a business owner, there is a need for you to minimize the ability of your employees to launder money out of your facility. Employees have been known to exploit cash-run business through transactions that are rendered void as well as providing discounts that are not authorized.

If your business is on the retail side, there is every possibility that you will experience this. You need to know the various tricks and gimmicks with which your business can be scammed and conned. Also, as much as possible, try to carry out cashless transactions. These records can’t be erased or changed. Therefore, you can keep better track of your money. 

Invest in a reliable video surveillance system

When employing technology, this is the best tech for you. A video surveillance system is critical to maintaining security at your business. There are cases where this is even required by law. It is very fundamental for your cannabis dispensary to choose a system that is reliable and functional.

You would want this video to be within reach, in the event that anything goes wrong. Be sure to opt for optimum video surveillance tech. If your video surveillance system is not up to scratch, there will be lapses, there will be cases when the camera cannot capture the happenings in your Toronto dispensary. This can be hugely detrimental to the security of your Toronto cannabis store.

For your business, you need a fully functional system. One that can run diagnostics and notify you if there are any issues. Old systems only have a recorder in place as well as cameras. In cases where something goes wrong, there is every possibility that you may not find the video, especially if the system is down. With an optimized system, the system itself detects what’s wrong, notifies you, hence, you can fix things immediately. 

As a business owner, you should regularly ensure the evaluation and revaluation of your surveillance system. There is a need to do this always. This way, you will be able to keep up with advancements in technology, in a bid to meet the needs of your business.

Select the right security camera for your business

This is a very critical aspect of your security. For a cannabis dispensary business, there is a need to choose a camera that will be cost-effective and would also be right for your business. When choosing your surveillance system, you need to consider the storage space. 

According to regulations and laws in some states, there is a mandate that cannabis businesses have high-quality video, with a high-end frame quality. This video is required to extend between 45 – 90 days. However, thanks to this high-quality, there is every possibility that the storage space will be quickly exhausted. 

If you make use of a camera with a lower resolution, you will be able to save money that can be invested in storage space. A security expert in Toronto will be able to choose the right mix of cost and picture quality that will safeguard your business without erring on the side of the law.

Implement video surveillance in your delivery trucks

You might want to consider having cameras installed in delivery trucks. This is highly important if your retail or wholesale cannabis business offers delivery services. With this system, you can track every phase of dispense to your customers. Every process involved in the seed-to-sale process is duly monitored. With these cameras, you can easily track your goods from one location to the other. This can be achieved through vertically integrated operations.

Track RFID-tagged products in your dispensary

In a bid to allow owners to track RFID-tagged products in their store, tech security experts have come up with a solution. The control point of this tracker technology is at various positions, which includes the front entrance. When products that are tagged pass through these places, it is uploaded into the system and can be easily searched for in cases of emergencies. With this technology, it is effortless to find products that go missing.

When a product goes missing, the serial number on it would be entered into the system. When this is done, the total number of instances where the product has been spotted by the attached cameras will pop up on the screen. With this, it will be easier for you to know what happened to your cannabis products at whatever point in time. 

Integrate a POS system into your sales process

A POS system helps you to track transactions and products easily. With this tech, it is possible for the transaction, with regards to a barcode to be stored against its payment details. This will make the transaction information of the sold product searchable if needed. 

When a product is being sold, you can easily take a look at what went on at the point of sale. If you notice any anomaly, you can search for the specific product and know what went down with it. With this, you can easily track voided transactions and would be able to know if a salesperson is trying to keep your money for themselves. With transaction tracking, it is also possible for you to track if an employee has been providing an excess discount to acquaintances. These are all common occurrences in the cannabis business.

Ensure proper equipment installation

There is no point in having a security system if it isn’t installed correctly.  To maximize the security, you are trying to set up; you need to find the right integration partner. These security experts must have specializations in installing security fixtures. Make sure the installer you use is verified and certified by the manufacturer of your security gear.


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How to avoid customer confrontation

In Toronto, if there is any skill to develop in the cannabis business, it is learning how to avoid confrontation in cannabis dispensaries. This skill, however, takes some time to hone. There will always be cases of unruly patrons. Here are some tips to help you deal with them without compromising the security of your business. 

  • Listen carefully to what the patrons have to say, and make sure they know you care. However, when doing this, you should not make them have the impression that they can verbally abuse you and get away with it. You are not meant to be pushed around. You should make sure your mind is aligned to the fact that you work with an organization and you run the state of things.
  • While making them know their place, you should ensure that you are as neutral as possible. You don’t want to cause more problems than there already is, you should try to calm the situation.
  • While conversing with a client, ensure that you use a proper tone, so they don’t get offended. You should not laugh, agree, or disagree when a customer is arguing with you. You have to be neutral and firm on your stand. Make sure you are not taking sides, however, be empathic towards the customer. When you are neutral and firm, they get the impression that they are not making progress with you. Hence, they give up. 
  • You shouldn’t move too close to an angry patron. Always be sure to keep agitated customers at arm’s length. Make sure there is space between you and the person. By doing this, you can prevent the customer from laying their hands on you. The very best way is to stay behind the counter or the POS (Point of sale) system. 
  • If you think things are getting out of hand, you should try to be evasive as much as possible. Whatever you do, make sure you are on the lookout for ways to get yourself out of the situation. If you are left with no other choice, you can also put a call through to law enforcement agents. 


Security checks for employees

It is imperative that you carry out security checks on your employees. This is critical because employees account for the highest degree of theft in the cannabis business. To be sure that you are hiring the very best options for your business, follow these tips.

  • Make sure you perform background checks on the employees you recruit. You should do all things possible when it comes to getting employees that you can trust. When you do get them, employ them on a full-time basis and pay them well. 
  • You should ensure that you train every employee on the various security procedures of the business. Teach them how to handle your products and how to maintain the security of your establishment. 
  • You should work on cutting down on chances employees can get to divert your product. This can be achieved by affecting shifts and rotation of duty. You can also limit the access of employees to some part of the business. You should also ensure that you keep an open line of communication. Some faithful employees may need this to report cases of employee diversion to you. 



The security of your business is just as important as every other segment of the running. When your products are not well secured, you can run at a loss. There are various security tips you need to watch out for, as a cannabis dispensary business owner. 

A careful study, understanding, and execution of these tips would go a long way in saving your business from theft. In the long run, this results in the overall growth of your business.

Alternatively, you can hire security experts to vet your business and make sure that it is well protected against threats. Our Toronto security experts can do that for you. You can also hire our round-the-clock security teams. Call us today!

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