Security of life and property is just as important as it can get. However, you may wonder what a security guard in Toronto has to offer you. Questions like what are the duties of a security guard?, what are the responsibilities of the private guard I hired? and why do I need to hire security guard services when there are police officers? are prevalent.

One thing you should know is that police officers are always reactive, while a hired security guard will be preventive. There is so much difference between both turn of events, which cannot be overemphasized.

While police officers in town may be a good backup plan, there are so many other reasons why you should consider private security services. With the help of a security guard, you can always prevent risks and crimes in your environment or house.

Though all the duties of a security guard in Toronto can culminate into the sole purpose of preventing a crime, it is pertinent to be aware of the various responsibilities a security guard offers you. That way, you can confidently shoulder the cost of private security services. 


Responsibilities of a security guard

Security guards all aim at helping you fulfill one main goal, and that is the prevention of the occurrence of crime in your vicinity. In achieving this, several security guard responsibilities need to be duly carried out. 

Some of the responsibilities undertaken by security guards include:

They make themselves visible

This is an essential duty that needs to be carried out by a security officer. This is one of the reasons why they also have uniforms. Being visible is one way in which criminals are deterred from quickly taking advantage of your business, building, or facility.

A security guard makes sure to be visible to those in the area he is guarding. By doing this, criminals like shoplifters, burglars, muggers and other forms of vice committers are kept at bay.

When a guard is on duty and visible, it becomes more difficult for criminals to approach the vicinity. This responsibility may not involve a security officer directly, but it is the very first way in which they perform their duty.

To remain alert and vigilant

Criminals don’t announce their arrival. Hence, it is the responsibility of the security guard to always be at alert. They are always on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary, or people with unusual behaviour. 

Once a person can create harm or loss to the vicinity, the security officer is tasked with the burden of controlling the situation.

The vigilant effort requires that the guard has a very keen sense of smell, sight, and hearing. That way, they can keep track of all that is happening wherever they are. 

With the right senses, a security guard is able to know when something is smelling in the vicinity, especially when there is a fire outbreak. They are also sensitive to alarms, no matter how far they are from the source of the sound. This way, they can offer you fast emergency response.

The ability to quickly interpret observations is a major benefit of guards. They notice people behaving unusually, or moving around strangely. By noticing these signs, they can accurately deter criminals in the vicinity.

Have an accurate and timely response to emergencies

In the course of the duties of a security guard, they will not only see crime or issues being perpetrated in the area, but will also be prompt in response. 

The security guard is the first line of maintaining order in a facility or home before law enforcement agents are contacted. As a result of this, it is essential that the security guard is alert and not caught off guard.

It is not all crises that may require the guard to jump right to the location. There are different responses that an event may elicit from the guard.

In the case of fire, the very first response of the guard is to call the fire department of the city or state. Then they can move to rescue those around the fire and take further steps. In the case of a fight in a mall or school, the first response should be to curb the situation.

The response is determined by the threat being posed. Here is where the versatility of the guard comes in. Toronto security guards are knowledgeable when it comes to the various situations that may arise. These and more are the advantages you enjoy from Toronto security services.

Observe and report

Averting a situation is not where the work of a security guard ends. One of the duties of a security guard is to carry out observations and reports on them. There is every possibility that an occurrence may be tied to another. In such a case, the security guard is required to observe continually, to prevent this from occurring.

Also, they must make a full report of an event that took place in the facility. The very details need to be known and recorded for the report. There will also be cases where law enforcement agents will require these details. Having this report on hand will help prevent future occurrences of crimes and security breaches.

Call for help when needed

A security official can not handle all cases. Especially in cases where arms and other deadly weapons are involved, the best option is to call on the police department.

If a Toronto security guard cannot handle a situation alone, they do their bit by putting the call through to law enforcement authorities.

If the police are called and they get involved in the scene early enough, a lot of lives can be saved. It can also lead to the criminals being apprehended.

Follow procedures and ensure that rules are being obeyed

Various organizations have set standards, which can be changed and amended out of the blues. The security guard has the duty of being in the know to understand the rules and policies of the facility he is guarding.

Some organizations may require body searching visitors, while others may need visitors to identify themselves accurately. Whichever case, a guard is there to ensure that company rules are obeyed.

Maintenance of order at gatherings

When it comes to hosting large meetings, organizers surely need the help of security guards to maintain peace. Be it political rallies, or religious assemblies or events in various industries. 

There are always rogue elements looking to perpetrate crimes. This calls for someone who can deliver quality security guard responsibilities.

In the case of stampedes, riots, or other situations which might occur, a security guard can maintain or restore peace. It is never possible for the organizer to control such cases solely. This is why you need the best security guard services.

Receive visitors and guests

In some businesses and establishments, a security guard might be required to stay at the door. Once a security guard is at the entrance, they  double as the receptionist. They act as the first point of call into such an establishment and can lead visitors to the right quarters.

In this case, they will also be the first person to greet visitors and direct them to where their needs would be met. For security guards to fill seamlessly into this duty, they maintain an easily approachable demeanour.

Toronto security guards are friendly, willing to help, and able to relate the company’s culture to the customer, right from the door. Millennial companies are known with cultures with which they work. Private security services in Toronto have guards that embody this culture. 

The security guard is the first impression a customer can get about a company. As a result of this, a security guard should be one that shows other employees how to act.

Security advice and safety precautions

Once, it’s about security and safety; security guards are the first point of call. In this case, they should be knowledgeable about maintaining the general safety of both lives and properties. 

Security guards have the responsibility of enlightening people in the organization they work with, on necessary precautions and protective measures.

In some cases, they may be needed to explain the consequences that might ensue if their advice is neglected. A security guard is also required to persuade the employer into following up with recommended measures.

In a situation where they offer security advice and make other recommendations, they are required to ensure that they are followed to the letter. There is no point in the advised measures if they are not enacted.  

Other responsibilities as dictated by the employer

There are various scenarios in which security guards will be needed to perform functions different from their primary roles. 

This is bound to occur if they are employed by individuals.There is every possibility that they are asked to receive phone calls, respond to texts and emails, or even run some errands. 

If you need a guard for your home, there is every possibility that you can ask them to babysit for a brief period. Additional duties are one of the many benefits of hiring security guards.


Do businesses need security guards?

There is no debating this. Your business needs a security guard. If you are going to effectively deal with the issues of thefts, pocket-picking, assaults, and other crimes that plague businesses with products, you will need a security guard.

The duties and benefits of a security guard are of utmost importance. They help your company remain safe and secure. Irrespective of the size of the business, your business needs security guards.


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What does a security guard offer your business?

At malls and other stores where products are being sold, there is always the possibility of shoplifters or armed robberies. With a security guard in such places, it will be difficult for a robber to approach, whether petty or armed.

At corporate organizations, security guards can help protect employees from assaults. Assaults in the workplace can result from angry customers or from one employee towards another. Security guards are needed to control the situation promptly. 

If these security threats are allowed to thrive, they can compromise the lives and infrastructure in the workspace. Once this happens, your business takes a significant blow on its reputation. No matter how big or small your business is, hiring security guard services will always be a win for you. 


How to choose the right security guard company for your business

There are numerous security companies out there, and it can get daunting to pick one in Toronto. There are some factors that you need to consider since you want the best for your business. 

You should ensure that the company you pick is one you are sure will offer you value, at a minimal budget. You don’t want to run at a loss while trying to secure your business.

Before you go ahead to hire, here are some factors you need to consider duly

  • Make sure you are hiring security companies that are locally owned. This way, they can attend to you more personally. Also, it offers you a great deal of convenience when you are ironing out details, or you have a complaint, etc.
  • Make sure that the only service rendered by the company is security, nothing more. You don’t want to hire a company with divided attention of resources and personnel to handle the protection of your business.
  • Duly consider the background and level of expertise promised by history. You can go ahead to inquire from various companies and businesses they have worked for. A recommendation will be excellent. 
  • Look out for reviews on various platforms, most notably social media.

Also, check for the relationship with their customers. They must be customer-oriented. If they are not, you should find another company.

By considering all these in the process of hiring, you are doing yourself a great favour. It is the least you can do to ensure that your business is protected by top-notch security guards. 



Security of life, property, and businesses cannot be overemphasized. The duties of a security guard are diverse, but they are all geared towards ensuring that you can carry out your daily activities without a hitch 

This is why it is advisable for businesses mainly, to invest in hiring security guards. Thankfully, we tick all of the boxes above and can offer you the best private security services in Toronto. Call us today!