At some point, every business will have valuable assets that may need to be transported. It may be coins, diamonds and jewellery, checks, pharmaceuticals, precious metals or electronics. The one thing common to them is that they are all valuable assets that may require being moved from one place to another. It might not even be an asset. Perhaps, you want to transport a VIP from one place to another. 

However, transporting valuable possessions in Toronto without a good transportation strategy can be too risky. There have been cases of robbery, while valuable possessions are being transported. Additionally, you may also need to ensure the safety of your personal or important persons

So, how do you avoid this? How do you transport your goods or possessions with ease? It’s straightforward. In Toronto today, you can easily use the help of armed transportation services to move your goods and possessions.

Notably, most business owners are often curious about the cost of armed transportation with no point of reference. Many believe that getting armed transportation is expensive while some do not even believe in the efficiency of armed transportation. However, this article contains everything you need to know about armed transportation costs in Toronto.

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What is armed transportation?

Armed transportation is a service used in transporting valuable goods and assets, such as diamonds and jewellery, checks and cash. It’s used by jewellers or financial industries to transport a considerable amount of money or jewellery to ensure safe and secure transportation. It is also used to securely move people from one point to another. Armed transportation is done using armoured vehicles of different shapes and functionality.

An armoured vehicle is a multifunctional vehicle designed to safeguard and assure the wellbeing of the items or goods being transported. Generally, armoured vehicles can withstand extreme attacks, heat and are bulletproof vehicles. These vehicles are common among military-based personnel but have now become widely used for civilian purposes as well. 

Armoured vehicles are customized on the base frame of a van or truck, and have an armoured cab and shell. These vehicles are structured to resist hijacking and robbery attempts. The reinforced shells, cabs, and bullet-resistant glass are structured to resist rifles and handguns bullets.


Benefits of armed transportation

There are various benefits attached to using armed transportation to transport your goods and assets. Below is a list of various benefits armed transportation offers. Armed transportation provides:

Door-to-Door Logistics Services

Armed transportation offers door-to-door logistics services. They arrange and transport your goods or cash to your preferred destination with ease. This is an exclusive benefit you can get by using armed transportation. 

Inventory Management

This is an aspect of armed transportation that specifies the placement and shape of stocked goods or possessions. It’s required at various locations within a facility to plan and execute the movement and safety of goods. It involves identifying the set-targets, the best route linking the take-off and destination, and also handles tracking of the goods.

Fully insured transportation of your high-valued goods

Armed transportation provides full insurance coverage for your valuable goods being transported. This means your valuable goods are always safe. Even in the case of robbery, the insurance coverage will fend for your goods. With armed transportation insurance coverage, it’s a win-win for you.

Shorter delivery times

With armed transportation, you’re guaranteed to have a fast and swift delivery without delay. It offers quicker delivery times compared to other forms of delivery. 

Assistance with documentation and compliance with international travel

With armed transportation, goods documentation is accessible. The best-armed transportation services have certification for international travel to anywhere in the world. 

They comply with all international travel rules and regulations and therefore have free access to different locations in the world.

Armoured guards and advanced tech

Armed transportation services ensure the safety of your goods or cash with professional armoured guards. The services also make use of different types of advanced technology to ensure the safe transportation of your valuables. The use of advanced video surveillance and GPS trackers are a good example of the benefits attached to armed transportation. 

Comprehensive protection

Armed transportation provides complete protection for your valuables. It offers total protection of your valuables, which is a good reason why armed transportation is better for transporting valuable possessions.


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Industries that use Armed Transportation

Different organizations commonly use armed transportation. Below are the types of industries that use the service of armed transportation.

Jewellery industry

Generally, most jewellers use armoured vehicles to transport their expensive jewellery safely in and out of their stores. 

Jewellers who buy and sell gemstones and precious metals often utilize armed transportation to ensure safe delivery to its destination. As a jeweller, this will ensure your buyer gets exactly what they ordered for and also boost your reputation.

Education industry

Also, some schools use armed vehicles for transporting school funds or cafeteria profits safely to the bank. Some universities also have university banks within their school premises. 

They handle large amounts of money by using an armoured vehicle. Some universities can employ the use of armed transportation in transporting the school examination questions from one place to another. With armed transportation, security is always guaranteed. 

Financial industry

Financial industries like banks utilize armed vehicles to transport money from one destination to another safely. This is beneficial to the bank because it gives the bank employees enough time to meet customer demands without shortcomings. Also, it provides a security net to the owners, knowing fully well that their money is in safe reliable hands.


Cost of Armed transportation in Toronto 

In Toronto, the cost of armed transportation per day can go as high as 2500 CAD. However, these costs are affected by the various services rendered by your security provider. The services offered by armed transpiration range over a wide spectrum. 

The services provided are as follows:

Transportation of valuable assets

Transporting valuable assets is one of the most general reasons why business owners utilize armed transportation. The cost of the assets that are being transferred can have an impact on the cost of armed transportation. Usually, the more valuable the assets, the more expensive armed transportation becomes.

When business owners use armed transportation, they normally use it as a means of transporting cash assets. Transporting a large amount of money requires a significant need for armoured vehicles, securities and armed guards. However, there are other valuable assets that also require additional logistics security measures.

Some common industries that explore armed transportation in Toronto include; medical marijuana, banks and financial institutes, jewellery stores, and so on. Also, more industries utilize the service of armed transportation to transport their goods and assets to their proposed destination safely. If you’re a business owner here in Toronto, you can easily use the services of an armed transportation security agency. 

The safe and secure transportation of valuable assets is the specialty of armed transportation security services. 

Security protection for clients

Armed vehicles and guards will ensure your clients and employers are safe while protecting your valuables without errors. When human life is in the picture, the cost of armed transportation goes up immediately. 

Using armed transportation will give your company an advantage over others to protect your valuables from robbery and other liabilities. 

Also, armed guards and vehicles will ensure the safe transportation of your assets and people involved in the operation. It will also present your company as a professional body that takes security and safety seriously.

Event security

It is obvious that hosting an event anywhere comes with numerous security risks and liabilities. A recent study in Toronto shows that there are countless theft cases with casualties in different events hosting. Instead of facing such, why not give yourself peace of mind by using the services of armed transportation agencies? It is easy, safe, fast, and secure. 

However, it costs money. On the positive side, contracting the services of armed transportation for event hosting is not as expensive as transporting cash and other valuables.

With armed transportation, you can swiftly and safely transport your valuable event supplies and equipment with less effort. If you have valuables or large equipment to be transported to or from the event, utilize armed transportation for better end-result. Notably, armed transportation offers security and logistics planning of the event, yours will not be an exception.

Transportation in or around areas with a high crime rate

Being mindful of the area where your valuables are being transported to or fro is essential. Some areas in Toronto have a high crime rate and transporting your valuables in and out of these areas can be dangerous. This is another reason why you need a professional armed transportation service.

Transporting your goods and valuables shouldn’t be a problem for you if you follow the right procedures. However, if you are going to be making use of armed transportation in high crime areas, you can be sure that your price outlay will increase. 

If organizations, schools, or businesses in your area are vandalized or targeted by burglars, or other criminals, don’t just let it slide. Take more security measures by employing the services of armed transportation. Seek out professional assistance for security logistics and asset transportation. 

Protection for sensible industry assets

Transporting your sensible valuable assets can be done by specialized security teams with well-trained armoured guards and adequate armoured vehicles. 

This can help businesses of different kinds in transporting sensitive, valuable goods and assets from one place to another. The cost of this transportation is a function of how sensitive these assets are. For example, the cost of transporting bales of clothes will not be the same as transporting diamonds.

Armed transportation can be beneficial to manufacturing industries during transportation of equipment between work sites. However, this may require a high degree of secure and logistical planning in order to ensure the safety of the equipment — another factor that drives up the price. 

Additionally, some facilities require well secured and armed transportation. A typical example is medicinal marijuana facilities. They require specialized and high-level security services while their products are being transported to facilities nationwide.


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Armed transportation will ensure these special possessions, with special security, arrive at the destination safely. This will give you total peace of mind and reassurance that your valuables are safe and secured.

Although having peace of mind is not always guaranteed when it comes to valuables. Armed transportation is the one way to ensure the security of yourself, employees and valuables with less effort. 

Recently, armed transportation has become increasingly important for companies who want the peace of mind that comes with the services. Also, it is vital to take note that protecting your goods and valuables is the same thing as protecting yourself.

For instance, someone that just experienced theft of valuable assets is automatically subjected to a trauma stage. This is an emotional pain of loss that can lead to psychological wounds or being emotionally distressed. You can counter this psychological trauma by bumping up the security around your valuables especially when they are in transit.

Local contacts and knowledge

In Toronto, using armed transportation with vast local contact and knowledge is essential. Every armed transportation service provider has well-trained guards with extensive knowledge of how the area works. The more knowledge and experience your armed transportation is, the more their prices rise. 

It helps get past difficult areas and get information about a particular area or location in Toronto. Oftentimes, this may be the difference between the safe delivery of your assets and VIPs.

Dedicated support and qualified staff

The armed transportation service provider offers quality services with skilled staffs. You’ll automatically benefit from using more dedicated customer support and staff that are professionals in their various fields. 

Officers with a higher level of skill and training command higher prices. On the plus, with skilled armed transportation, you can relax knowing your goods are safe and well-secured with well-trained security personnel.

Border crossing and simplified reporting

Armed transportation ensures your goods are delivered nationwide without any barrier. It offers ease of access to any location and also provides an up-to-date report on the movement of your goods. 

With a simplified progress report, you can easily put your mind at rest, knowing well that your important cargo is in safe hands. However, if you are going to be crossing international borders with armed transport, it can affect the cost of armed transportation.


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To sum it up

In summary, the cost of armed transportation in Toronto can go as high as 2000 CAD per day. This is typically not expensive if we’re to compare with the cost of your valuables. Although the cost is often based on the services rendered, it’s always worth it.  Your business or industry deserves the best service and security of armed transportation.

Do not let the “cost” of getting adequate armed transportation stop you from transporting your goods and valuables around Toronto. Employ the service of armed transportation today, and stay safe and secure. 

Always avoid taking chances with your cash and other valuables when you can easily utilize the services of armed transportation. Remember that, armed transportation offers the safety of life, brand and assets. Our security experts can come up with a plan of action for your valuables. Call us today!

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