Hiring the services of the right security company in Toronto is a huge part of safety. Over the years, different people at certain points in their lives have felt the need to get an extra set of hands to protect and keep them safe.

 And so the bodyguard business was born. However, knowing how to hire bodyguards and choosing the right security company was still a bit tricky. This was because not everyone wanted the same type of guard. It was also difficult to know if the bodyguard you choose was up to the task.

Now, with the rise of modern security companies who have profiles for their bodyguards, hiring a bodyguard has been made very easy and straightforward. Celebrities, executives, politicians, and even regular people who like to play it really safe can now easily hire a bodyguard from a security company.

Security companies in Toronto are not left out on this trend. They too have highly efficient systems to profile and categorize their bodyguards based on the needs of their clientele. 

However, it is still necessary to know what security company to go with and which bodyguard to hire. The decision to hire a bodyguard should be made carefully and with delicate thinking as your final choice will be responsible for your safety and life.

This is why we are writing this article. In this article, we will show you how to choose the best bodyguard for you. We will show you how to evaluate your choices until you choose the right security company in Toronto.


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How to choose a bodyguard that suits you

Your bodyguard has to be able to adapt to your lifestyle, remain unobtrusive and yet be close enough to protect you at all times. Not every bodyguard can fit into the profile you want, and you need to know how to make your decision on the professional security to hire. We will walk you through what you need to know to hire bodyguards in Toronto. 

What kind of life do you lead?

Bodyguards have undergone different training regimes that prepare them for various kinds of clients. The training required to protect an executive or a politician is different from the training necessary to protect a celebrity actor or actress. Although there are specially-trained bodyguards who can fit into any role, you need to be sure of the kind of bodyguard you want for your particular lifestyle. 

What body size do you require?

Do you want a 300-pound thug-like bodyguard or a regular-sized bodyguard who will blend right into the crowd? For most people that are at high risk of being attacked, they prefer larger bodyguards who will discourage or scare their would-be attackers. This is a factor you need to consider before hiring a bodyguard.

Check for certification

This is necessary to confirm that your bodyguard has indeed been deemed able to protect someone. You see, depending on the state laws, a government-issued license may be given to an unskilled bodyguard. However, certification will prove that the bodyguard has undergone professional training and is well up to the task.

Conduct a criminal record check 

A simple search on the internet will tell you if your would-be bodyguard has any criminal record he may not have revealed to you.  You can also choose to pay for a simple background ch check. This is to make sure you do not hire a criminal to keep you safe.

Confirm his skills

Although knowledge of martial arts and firearms is necessary for a bodyguard, it is not all about these defensive facts. You will want to check that an applicant has the skills required to protect you. Can they talk, stand, sit and walk well without being obtrusive? 

Do they have adequate knowledge of security systems and computers? Can they drive? All these are questions you want answers to before making your final decision.

Ask for recommendations

This is to confirm that a prospective bodyguard has worked as a professional bodyguard and was very efficient in the dispensing of protection services. You can call up his former employers to ask. If he has a good track record, then chances are he will be an excellent bodyguard for you too.


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Choosing the right security company – what to look for

It is generally better, safer and more efficient to hire a bodyguard from a security company. But now that raises the question of what security company to go with. These simple steps will ensure that you find a satisfactory security company in Toronto to hire the bodyguard of your desired profile.

Check license and certifications

This is perhaps the most important. Try to find out if the company has a permit issued by the government to run a security company. This is the licence. Also, check to see if the company has also been certified as a professional security company. Only then can you proceed to do business with that security company. 

Choose a company that has a good track record

When it comes to security, the experience is vital. You will want to choose a security company that has considerable experience and a well-proven track record in providing the services that you require. It may be easier to patronize a less experienced company that offers cheaper rates, but in the long run, the risk may not be worth it.

Find out what kind of training the company gives its bodyguards

In an emergency, a bodyguard can only react in the way that they have been trained. Find out what type of training the security company gives its personnel. Only proceed with the company if you’re comfortable with the level of training their bodyguards to have — both past, present and ongoing training.

Check out their bodyguards

In the security business, appearance also says a lot. Take a look at their bodyguards to see if they are well dressed. Do they look professional? Try to have conversations with them. 

Do they communicate well? You will want to choose a bodyguard with whom you have no problem communicating. Understanding is very vital between bodyguards and clients. 

Ask for their price range

We put this last because although it should not be a significant determinant in picking the security company to work with, it cannot be ignored as a factor. Find out the price of the security company, can your budget handle it? 

If you have followed the above steps and you are satisfied with the price that you have been given, then you may proceed to sign a contract with that security company. 


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Final Take

There is no hard and fast rule in choosing a security company or hiring a bodyguard. The above are just guidelines to help you on your path to getting a satisfactory security service. Above all, it is essential to follow your gut when making these decisions

 After all, there is no substitute for your instinct. If you have any questions or need help in getting an excellent bodyguard service in Toronto, contact us. We’ve got you covered!


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