Security guard training is important. Contrary to popular belief, being a security guard is no small job. And for many reasons too. For one, as a security guard, it means you are directly responsible for the safety of at least one life or property.

In most cases, the number is usually considerably more than one. This means that a lot of responsibility and accountability comes with accepting a job as a professional security guard.

A security guard employed either by the government or a private agency is required to have high visibility of the person or property of which he is in charge. The excellent visibility is to be able to observe, deter, detect and control unfriendly situations or misconduct. This can be done in person or remotely through cameras and alarms.

Should anything go wrong, he, or she, as the case may be, is required to take actions to remedy and control the damage. And then report appropriately to the clients and if necessary, emergency services. Depending on the duties or risks attached to the job, a security guard may be armed or unarmed. However, most security guards are usually armed with non-lethal weapons, which include stun-guns and pepper spray. 

Therefore, to become a security guard, one must have undergone extensive training in that field. After which you must obtain a security guard licence which is issued by the government in Canada. It is also usually preferable to join a security company rather than freelance as it helps gets clients more accessible and faster. It also helps with references and recommendations.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at the security guard training you need to excel in this field. We will also show you why this training is important.


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Being a security guard – What it entails 

Before considering a career in security, you should first know what it will take for you to become a very effective and efficient security guard. Here are some of the essential qualities a security guard should possess. 

Martial Art Skills

Any security guard who aims to excel at his job must have some level of fighting skills. He doesn’t need to be insanely skilled.  However, any good security guard has to be able to hold his own and protect client interests when the need arises. Although depending on his job description, you may not have to use defence skills often. However, it is a must-have.

Firearm Skills

This is a prerequisite for security guards who work in potentially volatile situations. Although a firearm is usually used the last resort, a security guard should be very comfortable and proficient in using his weapon. A security guard training company in Canada will easily cater for this.


Every security guard should possess a measure of self-sacrifice. This is because you have to put the needs of your clients above his own. A security guard has to be ready to come to harm in the line of duty as there is no guarantee for safety during unforeseen events.

Good communication skills

This is especially important if you intend to become a security guard. Asides from periodic reports to your clients, a security guard has to be able to give details of current occurrence fast and effectively. A good security guard must be able to provide concise and understandable instructions if necessary. 

Adaptability and Improvisation

As a security guard, there is a lot of unpredictability that comes with the job. Security guard training can only do so much. Every security guard must be prepared to adapt fast to new situations and improvise solutions to problems even quicker. 

General skills and knowledge 

There is specific knowledge a security guard is required to have. Although they are not mandatory, they may prove necessary. This includes everything from education about alarm systems and their control to knowing how to drive. Adequate knowledge of computer systems is vital too.

Physical Fitness

The importance of this particular quality cannot be overemphasized. Occasionally, a security guard may need to run, or perform equally athletic activities. This may be because you are in pursuit of someone or in a state of urgency. Either way, a security guard must be physically fit to be up to the task.


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Categories of Security Guards

The job description for various security guards differs from the next. The level of security guard training they have gone through is also not the same. 

Furthermore, one may possess a security guard licence and permits for particular weapons while others may not.

All these are the factors that influence the classification of security guards into various categories in Canada.

Low-risk security guards

These are security guards who work in relatively calm locations which have a minimal probability of dangerous situations. They have the least training and are usually in uniforms. Security guards of this category are generally unharmed or carry non-lethal weapons. An example of a location where low-risk security guards can work is a parking lot.

Medium risk security guards

A medium-risk guard works in a relative calm field but which tends to become explosive and dangerous fast. They have considerably more training and are usually licensed to carry firearms. More often than not, medium risk security guards work in crowded places such as the airport or banks and are typically required to wear a uniform.

High-risk security guards

These are security guards who usually foray into the unknown. They work in locations which have the highest tendency to become volatile. Most times, they are assigned to a particular person, and they follow such a person everywhere. 

High-risk security guards receive the most training and are always licensed to carry firearms. Also, they are not required to wear uniforms and are usually undercovers. Examples of the clientele of this category are executives and politicians.


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What security guard training do you need?

Becoming a security guard requires minimal formal education. However, the profession has its training and certification that must be undergone and passed before one can become a professional security guard. It is way more than getting a permit and having a security guard license to own a gun. Here are some of the training requirements to become a security guard in Canada.


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Physical Fitness Training

This is a training designed to whip into shape any person that wishes to pursue a career in security. The reasons a security guard needs to be sufficiently physically fit are quite obvious. You may need to move very fast, run, climb and fight and to do all this effectively, you will have to maintain a degree of fitness.

Martial Arts Training

The importance of learning how to fight cannot be overemphasized in the world of security. Occasions will come up when you need to defend your clients or even other people. If there is no weapon handy, you may have to resort to the old fashioned fistfight. Therefore, training of fighting skills is very relevant. 

Reconnaissance and Patrolling Training

This is a training that teaches a security guard to take a cursory look at a location. It also teaches a security guard to observe the people in it and determine whether it’s safe for a client or not. The training usually highlights red flags to look for and other relevant information. 

Emergency Procedures Training

This is to enlighten a security guard on what to do in the event of emergencies and urgent situations. Such circumstances could include a security breach, a fire or even a natural disaster. The training also involves teaching vital skills such as first aid techniques and CPR.

Firearm Use

The use of firearms and other weapons in security comes without saying. And to be proficient in the use of guns, knives and such security tools, a security guard must undergo training. It is also compulsory for you to obtain a security guard license and permit to own and use a firearm.

Report Writing

Every security guard at one point or the other will need to give an account of his activities or roles in a particular event. It is only essential that every security guard can effectively communicate his thoughts to either his employers or the state. A security guard’s communication skills also play a part in this.

Technological Training

It is no news that technology is advancing in every aspect of life and security is not left out of this progress. There are new updated electronic security gadgets, alarm systems and security cameras. A security guard is required to undergo training to understand how these gadgets work and operate them independently. Necessary computer skills will be a requirement in this training. 

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In summary

It is not uncommon for security companies to run background checks before hiring a security guard. Also, you have to possess the above qualities of a security guard. In addition to these qualities, you need to undergo the previously listed security guard training. As long as your background check yields nothing sinister, then you are well qualified to become a security guard.

Remember, becoming a security guard is a big decision to be made. If you have any question concerning security services in Canada or if you require one, please contact us. We’re only here for you!

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