Becoming a Security Guard – What Security Guard Training Do I Need?

Security guard training is important. Contrary to popular belief, being a security guard is no small job. And for many reasons too. For one, as a security guard, it means you are directly responsible for the safety of at least one life or property. In most cases, the number is usually considerably more than one. [...]

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How to Hire Bodyguards – Choosing the Right Security Company 

Hiring the services of the right security company in Toronto is a huge part of safety. Over the years, different people at certain points in their lives have felt the need to get an extra set of hands to protect and keep them safe.  And so the bodyguard business was born. However, knowing how to [...]

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Things You Should Know Before Getting Your Security Guard License

Determining the right type of security guard license to kickstart a career in security can be complicated. However, it is an important decision that you have to make. Generally, your security guard license is your ticket to getting an excellent job in any security company in Toronto.  However, the license type and requirements differ based [...]

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Duties of a security guard: What a Toronto security guard has to offer you

Security of life and property is just as important as it can get. However, you may wonder what a security guard in Toronto has to offer you. Questions like what are the duties of a security guard?, what are the responsibilities of the private guard I hired? and why do I need to hire security [...]

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Top 10 Security Companies in Toronto

Security companies in Toronto can be an essential aspect of smooth operation in an enterprise, company or even your home. The safety of life and property is just as important as the production of goods and services. With proper security, an enterprise can maximize resources, to the ultimate attainment of goals. Even for homes, security [...]

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How to conduct a security assessment for your commercial building

The world is advanced. However, so also are the vices that abound today. With the advent of cybercrimes and the frequency of it, it is straightforward to assume that it is the only threat faced by your business. Many Toronto based businesses even go as far as neglecting to hire private security services. This is [...]

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