In this modern era, most business owners in Toronto prefer using an external consultant in crucial areas of their business. They do this to increase productivity and efficiency. However, this trend seems to be different when it comes to security. We have noticed that many establishments are less or not interested in adopting the help of an external security consultant to maintain security.

Possibly, security managers and directors are hesitating because they think security consultants do not have anything new to offer. Or maybe they are scared that employing external security consultants will make them seem incapable of their position. Or perhaps they believe external security consultants are too expensive for their firm to bear.

Even though such concerns may be based on “the first impression”, other results have proven otherwise. Most specialized companies that have indulged in the use of external security consultants have recorded better results over the years. Take restricted modern medicine, for instance. Patients may die if doctors refuse to consult specialists on the use of the medicines. However, the use of most of the restricted modern medicine is only allowed in severe conditions to save a life.

Similarly, high-profile attorneys will never seek to litigate urgent cases without consulting a team of special attorneys for guidance. With the aim of proper understanding, these two scenarios emphasize the use of external consultants. 

As a business owner, your priority should always be driven toward providing a more secure environment for your business. This will boost your business image and drive more clients to work with you while enhancing your business profit. There are ways in which external security consultants can help enhance a company’s internal security and the team at less cost. This article will explore the cost of security consultancy in Toronto and how it can boost your security.


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Who is a security consultant?

A security consultant is an individual or group of individuals with professional knowledge in some areas of the security industry. A consultant should only serve and follow the interest of his or her client. 

Some merchants offer security consultancy and planning provision for free. Some do this with the intention of getting the contract to provide you with approved security measures.

However, the problem remains that internal or in-house experts will always have contradicting priorities:

  •   To enhance company profits.
  •   To work mainly in the interest of their employer or client (the merchant or incorporator) and also save money. 

A real security consultant works solely in the interest of their employer or client (the university, school, or hospital) with no possible conflicts.


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Cost of a security consultant in Toronto 

Overall, the cost of hiring a security consultant in Toronto can go up to 2000CAD. It can even be higher than in specific situations. The cost outlay is a function of the duties and tasks that a security consultant needs to carry out for you. 

One of the many challenges of picking the best security consultant is that the field is significantly broad. Security consultants consist of hundreds of separate disciplines, all of which must fit together correctly like pieces of a complicated puzzle. Regrettably, no one can be a professional in all of the related areas. 

Here is a little list of the available specialties:

  • Exterior access control
  • Perimeter fences
  • Emergency planning
  • Workplace violence
  • Video surveillance. 

Others include:

  • Security policy and procedure
  • Security force management
  • Safety training
  • Logical access control
  • Intrusion detection
  • Systems integration
  • Key management. 

The list is continuous which is why this field is referred to as being “significantly wide”. Often, some projects can be executed by an individual, while others may require a team of experts. This is usually done to ensure there is the availability of the proper depth of knowledge in every crucial subject area.

A security consultant works as a supervisor and advisor for all security measures required to safeguard a client’s possessions efficiently. Security consultants utilize their expertise and knowledge to assess potential security breaches and threats. This is essential in preventing such risks and also in making feasible plans and protocols to avert unwanted occurrences.

Security consultants can also work as an employee in a company, commonly as the head of the security department or in management positions. They can as well work as part of an agency providing help and professionalism to third parties. Typically, security consulting agencies work with individuals seeking to safeguard their possessions and with small or medium business owners.

Below is a comprehensive list of functions of every security consultant which are duly considered. All of these functions affect the cost of a security consultant in Toronto.


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Evaluating the client’s possessions and determining the required security measures

This involves:

  • Identifying the required security parameters.
  • Interviewing clients to identify possible security threat
  • Choosing the best and most available security measures. 

Identifying the security policies and protocols, and also structuring security plans to safeguard the client’s possessions

To do this comprehensively, a security consultant in Toronto needs to:

  • Design strategies to ensure the client’s interests.
  • Plan a series of security standards and rules
  • Execute proposed security measures, providing technical advice and supervision as requested. 

Meeting with clients or business owners

People skills are a huge part of the duties of a security consultant. To perform his job comprehensively, a security consultant needs to:

  • Investigate and ask the clients or business owners for other related security issues.
  • Analyze security measures and protocols to business owners or clients, and also all security-related costs (e.g., staff, maintenance, and equipment).

Operating vulnerability tests

There is a need to evaluate the efficiency of the proposed and already existing security measures. This task involves:

  • Determining potential threats and breaches.
  • Running risk or danger assessment tests. 
  • Organizing plans to counter threats. This will help eradicate risks as much as possible.
  • Analyzing, writing, and presenting reports based on research and findings. 

Continuous studying of the latest security measures and standards

This is another reason why the cost of security consultancy may be a little bit on the high side. Apart from proposing appropriate security measures, a security consultant needs to stay up-to-date when it comes to your security needs. This will require being up-to-date with the most recent technology upgrades, security systems, and tools.

Coordinating a team of security specialists

A security consultant will be in charge of your security and safety team. They will be tasked with:

  • Designating various tasks and duties to every member of the security team.
  • Engaging and training recruits of the security team. 
  • Organizing a scheme of work and shifts to ensure 24-hour protection when required.
  • Supervising and coordinating security and other team activities
  • Evaluating emergency conditions and coordinating an adequate response.

Why your establishment needs a security consultant

Why do you think your business or establishment needs a security consultant? You may also be skeptical about hiring a security consultancy agency. 

First and foremost, it’s essential to emphasize the fact that every establishment requires adequate security for smooth productivity.

However, it’s ideal to engage an external security team to provide security aid and help rather than involving internal security officers. This helps you get a more specialized and professional job done effortlessly while relieving the workload on the internal security officer. 

Below are the many benefits a Toronto security consultancy agency offers your establishment.

Careful retention or hiring

A security consultant can and will always sight red flags or carelessness in employees. Therefore, they help you eliminate such threats before they tarnish your image or your company’s image.

A security consultant agency also offers ‘neutrality’ in any situation. This allows you to get first-hand information without any hidden secrets. They provide every detail “as it is” without any fear of the retribution which may prevent internal whistleblowers from saying such. This service helps you get to the root of any conspiracy within your company without stress.

Peripheral liability

Typically, everything surrounding you can constitute a threat to your company’s security and safety. A barrier placed inadequately can be dangerous if not well taken care of. However, you can easily save the stress of leaving these minor breaches accessible by engaging a security consultant expert.

Internal and conspiracy thefts

Firstly, the threat levels of internal fraud and embezzlement cannot be overlooked in any company. However, a professional security consultant can look into your company’s details and routine to spot any malicious activities.

Corporate Spying

In this modern era of rat-race competition among companies, intelligence theft cannot be over-emphasized. Be aware that some of your business competitors can easily stoop low by spying on you in an attempt to get ahead.

This is also possible in an effort to blackmail your company and damage your company’s image. It’s also done to expose your company in a bad light. If you allow this to go unchecked, you may end up facing bankruptcy. 

However, with a professional security consultant, catching perpetrators capable of pulling such stunts is easy.

You save more money

By engaging a security consultant, you’re saving yourself from the time and stress of bargaining with lawsuits. It’ll also keep you and your company from having to deal with government agencies or potential blackmailers. If you spend a little money now to hire a security consultant, it’ll help you save thousands of dollars later.

Provide you with a new, unbiased outlook on security issues involving your business. 

It’s easy to be very close to issues and still be unable to see the problem source if you’re not an expert. These things can easily be seen by someone who is not directly involved with your daily business activities. This is a good reason why hiring such a service is imminent.

Security consultant agencies offer a wide range of solutions to every security issue that may befall your company. With numerous backgrounds and experiences, while working with other companies, they have seen different methods fail or succeed. Hence, your company enjoys getting a service of valuable first-hand experience in avoiding any security threats or breaches.

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A Toronto security consulting agency offer reliable safety and security 

Security consultants provide all-round the clock services with up-to-date solutions and the latest technology use. They also utilize best-practices, and trending services in the security industry to offer risk-reduction strategies and best advice.

With vast knowledge and experience, security consulting offers feasible security measures. This service is more effective than when left for an internal security team to handle. It also helps in generating a more peaceful atmosphere with the consciousness of having an external agent examining each worker.

High levels of professionalism

An external security consultant offers security measures based on your requirements – nothing more, nothing less. This service enables your internal security team to oversee daily activities and therefore maintaining your company’s security standards.

Security consultants offer professionalism in all sorts of security issues relating to your company and its workers. Such issues include workplace violence programs, video surveillance, creating security plans for expansions and new facilities, etc. 

Also, there are various specializations within modern business security, and it’s improbable to expect a sole director to acquire all. This is why you need the professionalism of security consulting.


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How to use security consulting 

There are three common ways in which you can successfully utilize security consultant services in Toronto. Either by hiring temporarily, per-project, or you engage them with your company permanently. 

Each approach can serve as a cost-saving measure to strengthen your internal security team with particular professionalism when required. It depends on your needs. Why don’t we explore the three possibilities?

Outsourcing when required 

You can easily engage a security consultant as an external security team in-time of trouble or danger. If your company is a small/medium-scale company, you can hire a security consultant to provide or recommend specific security measures or solutions. This is a cost-effective method for companies with little or no need for a full-time security director or consultant.


This type of role provides specific direction, advise, assistance, or oversight on particular projects. Most of which are directly or indirectly related to security or have a specific security need. It is often used as a matter of emergency or for a particular period.

Hiring permanently 

If you have security concerns that need to be constantly monitored, you can hire a security consulting agency on a permanent basis. 


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In summary 

Conclusively, a security consultant can offer you a wide range of benefits. They also help reduce the workload on your company’s security director. 

The cost of security consulting in Toronto is typically based on the specific service required by your company. However, the cost of hiring a security consultant in Toronto can range from 2000CAD to 2500CAD on average. 

Furthermore, it is ideal to always know the areas in which your company requires a security consultant. This will not only help in identifying the perfect security consultant for your company but also help save money. Contact us today to get a security consulting quote.